The Benefits of Wi-Fi in a School Bus

05 Apr

Wireless internet is available in many places, and one of the most convenient for a school bus is a Wi-Fi hot spot. Wi-Fi in school bus hot spots provide a mobile student computer network ready to go with a USB modem and wireless internet access. School bus IT departments can coordinate with local business owners to install Wi-Fi hot spots that meet the needs of each bus, depending on the age and size of each school bus. These devices include laptops, netbooks, smartpads, tablet computers, and other portable devices that can be used in the same place as the school bus computer networks. Learn more about Wi-Fi in a school bus.

The first benefit of Wi-Fi in a bus is easy access for students to the wireless Internet services without having to run for a desk or stand at their desks. Students can navigate the main menu and find the wireless access point on the device that matches their needs. It is also possible to gain access from various portable devices such as smart pads, touch screens, and a child's eReader. This enables each student to get internet access while they are waiting for the bus to arrive at their location. When the bus arrives, all of the students can gain access to the wireless internet service at the same time, and the connection speeds are great when using a high-speed connection. In a situation where the bus is stopped at a location where multiple Wi-Fi hot spots are available, each laptop can be directed to the appropriate wireless access point.

Another benefit of Wi-Fi in a school bus is the convenience of keeping tabs on school activities on the bus. Each student can enter the location of the bus into the GPS system so that they can see what is going on inside the bus. They can also look up the bus stop address or bus route number so that they can get to their destination quickly. A wireless card is preloaded into the system so that each device has a specified amount of data to transfer before the connection expires. This prevents the occurrence of a dropped connection where all students have to wait for a long period of time before the wireless Internet is available again.

Wi-Fi can also offer a greater level of protection when students are transported through different areas. If a hacker happens to get onto the bus and connects it to a wireless Internet connection, there would be nothing the school can do to stop the access except call for police assistance. With Wi-Fi in a school bus, the entire bus can be protected with a password system to make sure that only authorized personnel are on board the bus. It can monitor all of the data that goes in and out of the bus and inform management if anything suspicious occurs. With the monitor, the bus driver will know the exact time that the wireless Internet connection is down or not working.

Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of Wi-Fi in a school bus is its ability to expand the range of wireless connections available for the bus. Since each device uses a separate radio frequency, each device can be connected to the wireless Internet throughout the entire network. This means that a student who wants Internet access from home can connect to the Internet just as easily as someone who is sitting in the front seat. It also means that a student at the back seat can surf the Web as well. The possibilities are endless. No more limitations.

Although Wi-Fi in a school bus is still relatively new, there are already a number of schools using the technology. The benefits are too numerous to not make this an important consideration for schools everywhere. Children will be able to stay up to date with their classmates and teachers. No more waiting until the next school bus goes out, because you were online already! Get to know more about RhinoWare Connect.

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